The Apache Tribe

Apache Clothing and Hairstyle

Apachean clothes
Male Apachean with a breechcloth
             The early Apache people wore clothes that were more of the old time type. For example, the Apache from the 1800's had clothes that looked like the cavemen. The Apache also used to use animal skin before the Europeans came to what is now the United States of America. Most Apache men wore their hair with a bandana.The women usually wore their hair down.The Apache from the 1900's has more casual clothing.                                              
             Apache used deer skin, bear skin, and more. When Europeans came, they made them change their clothes. Female Apacheans wore animal skin skirts and shirts. Males wore breechcloths, a piece of deerskin that passed between the legs and is tied with a belt. Years later, Apacheans started making clothing from cloth.